General Motors announced the closing of the Janesville plant in a June 3, 2008 press release.

Janesville, Wisconsin, will cease production of medium-duty trucks by the end of 2009, and of the Tahoe, Suburban and Yukon in 2010, or sooner, if market demand dictates.

Some are pointing to the fact General Motors plant in┬áJanesville, WI didn’t actually close until 2009 in order to back up Paul Ryan’s false placing of responsibility on President Obama.

When a company announces that it’s going to shut down a plant, I take that as a sign that they have made up their mind. It would have been difficult for GM to make that decision in June of 2008 based on the policies of a person who hadn’t been elected President yet.

Notice that they also argue that the plant isn’t actually closed, it’s just that production is suspended.

So the plant closed on Obama’s watch, but isn’t actually closed….